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MOORE Michael

Michael is one of the International Coordinators at ECAM Lyon. Originally from Iowa in the United States, he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Lyon 3. At ECAM Lyon, Michael is in charge of international students, incoming exchange programs, outgoing double-degree students, and short summer programs.

Samuel John

John Samuel is an Associate Professor at CPE Lyon, France and also a researcher at LIRIS, CNRS, University of Lyon, France. He was a post-doctoral researcher in LIRIS, Université de Lyon in two different teams of database and geo-modelisation between 2014 and 2017. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Université Blaise Pascal, France in 2014. Prior to that he worked as software engineer in Yahoo!, Bangalore. His research interests include data integration, analysis and visualization, web image007.jpgservices, knowledge representation and geographical information systems.

Carrillo Oscar

Oscar Carrillo is an Associate Professor and Responsible of the Infrastructure and Networking Program at CPE Lyon. He carries out his research at the Center for Innovation in Telecommunications and Service Integration (INRIA CITI Lab.) in the research group on Dynamic Software and Distributed Systems for the Internet of Things (Dynamid Team). He studied Computer Science Engineering at the Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia) and then studied Ambient and Mobile Computing at the Polytech’Nice School of Engineers (France). He is a PhD on Computer Science from the University of Franche-Comté (France) where he conducted a research on formal and incremental verification of specifications in SysML. His main interests are the verification of software and models, middleware for ubiquitous computing, software architecture and distributed systems with a focus on the Internet of Things.


Soraya ROUIFED is associate professor in ecology. Her research deals with ecology of invasive plants, interactions between plants, and management of invaded ecosystems (riparian ecosystems and ponds).

BRAND Caroline

Caroline BRAND is associate professor in geography. Her teaching and research is focused on innovations and transition of the local food system organization and on the construction and governance of the local food strategies. She belongs to the Urban Food Planning community and is member of the board of the euroepan AESOP « sustainable food planning » group.


Perrine VANDENBROUCKE is assistant professor for Georgraphy at ISARA. Her research deals with governance and transition of farm systems, territories and food systems with a focus on urban agriculture.


Robin COLLOMBET is lecturer/assistant professor on livestock production systems at ISARA-Lyon. His research deals with the agroecological transition of livestock farming systems through participatory and game based approaches.

BAILLS Thierry

Thierry Baills, Lecturer-Researcher at ECAM Lyon, completed his MSc Engineering from ESIEE Paris and Executive MBA at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. His research interests are Signal processing and applied mathematics, modulations, Radio-frequency and microwave systems, electronics and mechatronics, reliability, quality. He was Senior Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. He also has industrial R&D experience in Engineering and Management. He has worked with Thomson CSF, Philips and for Nokia (RF, DSP, Reliability) in Finland, the EMEA region, Asia and USA.


Aurélien Etiemble completed his PhD at the National Institute of Scientific Research (Montréal, Canada) and the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (France) on the development and characterization of materials for electrochemical batteries. Afterward, he spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher, at MATEIS laboratory (Lyon) and Institut Jean Lamour (Nancy), focused on materials for energy storage devices and biomaterials. He is currently a Lecturer-Researcher in the Materials and Structures department at ECAM Lyon and is in charge of courses and projects for students in materials science and engineering.


Caroline Gouttebarge studied at ITECH and now teaches colorimetry in the laboratory for students and industrials. Color is present all over the world. It is applied in our laboratory in different fields: formulation (paint, cosmetics…), textiles, plastics, leather. We use different methods to characterize color: We use softwares for formulation/correction, reproducing a color via visual test, etc.