About Lyon

Lyon has repeatedly been voted best university city in France thanks to its quality of life and rich cultural offering. It also boast great public transportation and is well connected to other French and European cities

Here are a few more details about Lyon:

  • Total urban area population: 2.2 million inhabitants. Student population: 137 600 students in 4 universities, 15 Grandes Ecoles.
  • Lyon’s city center is classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
  • Arts and leisure: Opera House, the Auditorium, around 15 theaters, many museums, Roman ruins, and 20+ museums.
  • A center for life sciences in France, Lyon has one of the most advanced pharmaceutical and chemical industries in the world.
  • A good place for food-lovers, Lyon is known for its traditional “bouchons” (small, family-run restaurants with local specialties), as well as even finer dining in Michelin-starred restaurants, or fresh local products in its bustling markets.
  • Lyon is a major European business and economic hub, with an international conference center and the world headquarters of Interpol.
  • Lyon is close to the Alps where you can find 7,000 km of ski runs and the largest skiing area in the world around Europe’s highest peak, the Mont Blanc.
  • Lyon is 1h45 min by TGV (high speed train) from Marseille, the gateway to the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera) and 2 hours from Paris.


During the Summer School, students will stay at the residence hall ”Jacques Cavalier” *

The residence offers basic housing as follows:

  • Single rooms called “studettes” about 11m² with shower and toilet facilities in the room,
  • Bed linen and blankets will be provided,
  • Rooms furnished with a bed, a desk, a closet, and a fridge,
  • Wifi,
  • Shared kitchen facilities and washing machines.

* residence may change depending on CROUS availability 

Public transportation to Cavalier residence:
Bus number C16 –stop “Harmonie”
Metro line D – stop “ Monplaisir lumiere”
Lyon public transportation : www.tcl.fr

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