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MOORE Michael

Michael is one of the International Coordinators at ECAM Lyon. Originally from Iowa in the United States, he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Lyon 3. At ECAM Lyon, Michael is in charge of international students, incoming exchange programs, outgoing double-degree students, and short summer programs.

BAILLS Thierry

Thierry Baills, Lecturer-Researcher at ECAM Lyon, completed his MSc Engineering from ESIEE Paris and Executive MBA at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. His research interests are Signal processing and applied mathematics, modulations, Radio-frequency and microwave systems, electronics and mechatronics, reliability, quality. He was Senior Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. He also has industrial R&D experience in Engineering and Management. He has worked with Thomson CSF, Philips and for Nokia (RF, DSP, Reliability) in Finland, the EMEA region, Asia and USA.


Aurélien Etiemble completed his PhD at the National Institute of Scientific Research (Montréal, Canada) and the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (France) on the development and characterization of materials for electrochemical batteries. Afterward, he spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher, at MATEIS laboratory (Lyon) and Institut Jean Lamour (Nancy), focused on materials for energy storage devices and biomaterials. He is currently a Lecturer-Researcher in the Materials and Structures department at ECAM Lyon and is in charge of courses and projects for students in materials science and engineering.

VAUDREY Alexandre

Alexandre Vaudrey obtained the MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, and a Ph.D. in Energy Engineering in 2009, from the University of Franche-Comté, Belfort, France. He worked for three years as a research engineer at the French National Fuel Cells testing facility (FCLAB) and one year at ALSTOM Transport on new heat management strategies for railway electrical engines. He is currently associate professor at ECAM Lyon, where he teaches Applied Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and various energy related topics. His research activities focus on thermodynamics, heat management and the efficiency of power converters such as alternators, electric engines or mechanical transmissions.

JOUVE Christophe

Dr. Christophe JOUVE is a Lecturer-Researcher in the Automation & Electrical Engineering Department at ECAM Lyon and specializes in Electronics and Microcontrollers. He is in charge of courses in Electronics, Microcontrollers and Electric Motors practices and liaises with industrial partners on Electronic projects for students.