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Caroline Gouttebarge studied at ITECH and now teaches colorimetry in the laboratory for students and industrials. Color is present all over the world. It is applied in our laboratory in different fields: formulation (paint, cosmetics…), textiles, plastics, leather. We use different methods to characterize color: We use softwares for formulation/correction, reproducing a color via visual test, etc.

DIAZ Franck

Franck Diaz is an ITECH leather engineer, and also has competencies in plastic materials. His work takes place primarily at the CTC (Centre Technique de Cuir, ITECH’s leather platform in the south east part of Lyon). He works on all steps of the leather-making process, from preparing raw hides for tanning to finishing and producing ready-for-use leathers.

BOUCHEZ Caroline

Caroline Bouchez is an ITECH engineer (she graduated in 2011), specialized in cosmetics. After working in raw materials distribution for 7 years she is now teaching cosmetics to students and professionals (from raw materials to formulation). She also answers to industrial requests as research engineer: raw materials and formulations characterization, formulation development, controls…

JONES Benjamin

Benjamin is from the United States but has lived in four cities in France since 2010. He studied international business and French in his native state of Washington, then completed a master’s in business within the school of languages at the University of Lyon 3 – Jean Moulin. At ITECH he assists Nathalie Pinton in the international relations department and coordinates the team of English teachers at the school, in addition to teaching classes himself. He also works to plan and run the Summer School.


Fabien ROLAND obtained his textile engineering degree from ENSAIT. He has been teaching and researching at ITECH since 1993. He is in charge of the textile laboratory. He is specialized in textile finishing and textile chemistry. He conducts his ongoing research in different dyeing processes: ecological dyeing, new fibers, e.g. PLA dyeing, and textile functionalization by surface treatment (fireproof, waterproof…)

PINTON Nathalie

She is Head of International Relations at ITECH. Nathalie graduated from University of Geneva/Switzerland. Being multilingual she soon developed an interest in developing international relations with industrial and academic partners, allowing ITECH students to develop their skills and knowhow while working or studying abroad. Welcoming foreign students is also one of her objectives, as being in a multicultural environment will allow everyone to benefit from a better understanding of different cultures.


Jean Pascal PHILIBERT graduated from ESCEPEA and postgraduated ITECH, specializing in the formulation, manufacturing and application of coatings, paints and inks. He is in charge of both theoretical and practical teaching of students and industry professionals. Due to his extensive knowledge in coating technology and application, he has provided collaborative support to external companies and student research projects.

FILLON Pascale

Pascal FILLON has gained extensive teaching experience in the analytical chemistry laboratory over the past 20 years. She essentially teaches the first years on the Engineering program, for the analytical chemistry practicals, and supervises students on the Master’s program with their research projects. She is in charge of all analytical tests for both the institution and external companies.


Sylvie is a graduate of ESCEPEA. She is the head of the Technical Degree education and of the adhesive laboratory. She teaches students as well as industry professionals. She also works on the development of manufacturing processes, application and controls of all types of adhesives such as adhesives for building and automotive applications: water-based adhesives, natural-based using plant or animal raw materials, hot melt adhesives and two-component type adhesive. She is vice-chairman of the “adhesives group” of the national professional society AFTPVA.

COTTIN Pascale

Pascale COTTIN is in charge of the cosmetic laboratory at ITECH. She specializes in skincare and decorative cosmetic formulations. She teaches this field to students and industry professionals. She also does subcontract research for industrialists.
Her field of expertise includes:
– Development of the use of raw materials
– Conception of skincare products or color cosmetics
– Optimization of a variety of products and processes
– Characterization of formulas and raw materials
– Establishment of tests and controls