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Soraya ROUIFED is associate professor in ecology. Her research deals with ecology of invasive plants, interactions between plants, and management of invaded ecosystems (riparian ecosystems and ponds).

BRAND Caroline

Caroline BRAND is associate professor in geography. Her teaching and research is focused on innovations and transition of the local food system organization and on the construction and governance of the local food strategies. She belongs to the Urban Food Planning community and is member of the board of the euroepan AESOP « sustainable food planning » group.


Perrine VANDENBROUCKE is assistant professor for Georgraphy at ISARA. Her research deals with governance and transition of farm systems, territories and food systems with a focus on urban agriculture.


Robin COLLOMBET is lecturer/assistant professor on livestock production systems at ISARA-Lyon. His research deals with the agroecological transition of livestock farming systems through participatory and game based approaches.

FERRER Aurélie

Aurélie FERRER is Associate Professor in Agroecology and entomology. Her research deals with interaction plants/phytophagous insects/predatory insects, biological control and pest management plans, life-history traits evolution in insects. She is the coordinator of the Summer School curriculum.

WEZEL Alexander

Alexander WEZEL is Associated Professor for Agroecology and Landscape Ecology at ISARA-Lyon and the coordinator of the MSc Agroecology. His research deals with management of agroecosystems (biodiversity, drinking water, natural resources) and the analysis of the different interpretations of agroecology in the world.


Benoit SARRAZIN is associate professor for Agronomy and Environment at ISARA-Lyon. His research deals with surface water fluxes, pesticides transfer, and landscape ecology. He especially uses spatial data analyses with Geographical Information System to carry out his research.


Joël ROBIN is associate professor for Biology. His research focuses on hydrobiology and water management. He has developed an expertise on cyanobacteria (toxic algae) and their effects on the trophic web of aquatic systems.