Benoit SARRAZIN is associate professor for Agronomy and Environment at ISARA-Lyon. His research deals with surface water fluxes, pesticides transfer, and landscape ecology. He especially uses spatial data analyses with Geographical Information System to carry out his research.

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JOUVE Christophe

Dr. Christophe JOUVE is a Lecturer-Researcher in the Automation & Electrical Engineering Department at ECAM Lyon and specializes in Electronics and Microcontrollers. He is in charge of courses in Electronics, Microcontrollers and Electric Motors practices and liaises with industrial partners on Electronic projects for students.

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Mairi BEATON has been an English teacher at CPE Lyon since 1993 and has a special interest in cultural differences. She has worked in international teams in the Netherlands, the US and the UK as well as in France, so has personal experience of the impact of cultural differences In the workplace.

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