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Sylvie is a graduate of ESCEPEA. She is the head of the Technical Degree education and of the adhesive laboratory. She teaches students as well as industry professionals. She also works on the development of manufacturing processes, application and controls of all types of adhesives such as adhesives for building and automotive applications: water-based adhesives, natural-based using plant or animal raw materials, hot melt adhesives and two-component type adhesive. She is vice-chairman of the “adhesives group” of the national professional society AFTPVA.

COTTIN Pascale

Pascale COTTIN is in charge of the cosmetic laboratory at ITECH. She specializes in skincare and decorative cosmetic formulations. She teaches this field to students and industry professionals. She also does subcontract research for industrialists.
Her field of expertise includes:
– Development of the use of raw materials
– Conception of skincare products or color cosmetics
– Optimization of a variety of products and processes
– Characterization of formulas and raw materials
– Establishment of tests and controls